Weekly Tip #1- Assessing Your Goals

At 5 North Inc., we believe in pushing those we work with to be their best selves. Each week, we will post tips on how to thrive in a work place setting. These tips will be directed toward all different aspects of our business, including but not limited to sales, marketing and management. Each week you will get a glance at the 5 North Inc. values that have led us to bread an extremely motivated, highly professional and successful sales team.

Our first piece of advice to start us off is simple, quick, and includes a little bit of writing. So grab a piece of paper and something to write with, and write down your goals! Writing down your goals answers every day work questions like, “What am I doing here?” or “What am I working toward?” It serves as a motivator and reminder to work your hardest every day to get to where you want to be. No matter what profession you are in or how old you are, you are a goal setter. So visualize where you are now and where you want to be.

Now that you have a picture of what you want your future to look like, think about what you are willing to do to make it into a reality. This tests your level of determination. The more determined you are to reach your goals, the quicker you will be able to shift your future into your present. What will make you stand out is your execution and willingness to take the right action that will lead you to your success.

One of the most important factors of goal setting is to congratulate yourself along the way. Having your goals down as something tangible and physical allows you to see how much progress you have made and how much more progress you can still make. Allow yourself to reach that opportunity of celebrating your accomplishments and how hard you’ve worked.

Every Monday at 5 North Inc., we make it a routine to write down our daily and long-term (weekly/monthly) goals to verbalize and visualize with our team what we’re working toward. Along with this, we have paired “accountability buddies” who keep each other in-check by reminding each other of why we work so hard and do what we do every day. This positive team work setting is what leads 5 North Inc. to and beyond our goals each and every day. Here’s our goals assessment sheet we use every Monday in our goal meetings that you can use as your template:

Goals Assessment

Name:____________________                                                  Week Ending__________


Long-Term Goals (Weekly/Monthly):




Daily Goals

-Result Goal

-Action Goal


Monday:    1._____________________       _______________________                    _______

                       2.______________________      ______________________                   _______

                       3.______________________      ______________________                   _______

Tuesday:  1.______________________      ______________________                   _______

                       2.______________________      ______________________                   _______

                       3.______________________      ______________________                   _______

Wednesday:1.______________________      ______________________                   _______

                        2.______________________      ______________________                   _______

                        3.______________________      ______________________                   _______

 Thursday:1._______________________     ______________________                   _______

                     2._______________________    ______________________                   _______

                     3._______________________    ______________________                   _______

    Friday: 1._______________________    ______________________                   _______

                    2._______________________    ______________________                   _______

                    3._______________________    ______________________                   _______


Eco-Wellness News found that those who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate of achieving them than those who have goals and don’t write them down and those who do not set goals for themselves at all. The only person stopping you from being your best self is you. So remember…

  1. Write down your goals
  2. Visualize your future
  3. Take action
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments


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