Weekly Tip #3-Having An Amazing Attitude

At 5 North Inc., we find that we attract positivity by keeping the right perspective. A major behavior we value as a team is maintaining a positive attitude. It is crucial to create only realistic expectations for ourselves, as well as control our emotions for when things don’t always pan out as expected. Our weekly tip this week is how to have and maintain a positive attitude both inside and outside the work environment!

To be successful, you always need to think positive, talk positive and feel positive. Replace any negative thought you immediately have with a positive thought. There is no excuse to mope around thinking about something that has happened in the past. Take it as a learning experience, and be excited about the new opportunities you can make for yourself each new day.

Start your day by waking up early. Waking up early helps you get a head start on anything you want to accomplish. Whether it is small things like eating a well-balanced breakfast, or working out before work instead of after, you will be happy about the extra things you already accomplished in the morning. Taking away those little stresses will help improve your mood and overall attitude throughout the day.

Don’t forget to always laugh and smile! Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you need to be so serious all the time, so never take yourself too seriously. No matter what happens throughout the day or what type of environment you are in, always see the best in it and the rest will flow naturally. It’s up to you to realize that only good things come from any situation.

Make yourself a prominent aspect in maintaining positive energy throughout your office’s atmosphere. Keep yourself involved, running drills, leading meetings and, most importantly, being part of the team. Once you begin to make everything you do look fun, more people will want to be around you.

Finally, always remind yourself of your successes. Use those successes as energy to maintain your positive attitude that will push you closer to your goals.

At 5 North Inc., we take pride in the overall positive aura our team brings to any environment we are in. We talk openly about our concerns to our coaches, and to people who have encountered similar situations in order to always see the brighter outlook on it. There is never an excuse for negativity, as experience is what we get when we don’t get what we want. So remember…

  1. Think positive, talk positive, feel positive
  2. Wake up early
  3. Laugh and smile
  4. Stand out in atmosphere
  5. Remind yourself of your success


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