Weekly Tip #4- Being A Top Leader

At 5 North Inc., we tend to throw around terms like “leader” and “leadership” a lot because we love to put our efforts into guiding others. We provide others with our visions and motivations as tools that they can use to create their own visions and motivations. We believe that leadership allows for everyone to feed off of each other in order to reach a common goal. Without the help of each team member, a team as a whole can never be successful. Our weekly tip this week is how to be a top leader!

Firstly, show up at work every day. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. This also means a new opportunity to push yourself to close deals and work toward your goals. Make your presence known when you’re there. It is a good thing when the people in the office can notice your absences when you’re gone.

Show up to work early so you’re never late. If you are never worried about being late, you will feel less rushed and more organized. Being early allows you to schedule and sketch out your plan of attack for the day. Get all the small stuff out of the way before work starts so you can focus on the big picture for yourself during work hours.

Motivate and inspire everyone around you. There is a difference between being just a leader and being a leader and an example. Set yourself out to be an example for the people you work with. You want to be the person that people want to end up like. Be the role model in the office. Make coworkers work hard to be like you or work even harder to be better.

Show up to work dressed to impress. Have you ever heard of the saying “dress well, test well”? Well that saying works in the field as well. Dress for the job you want to have, not just the job you have. It may sound crazy, but the better you dress, the better you feel, and the better you perform.

Consistency is key in everything. Whether it is being consistent with sales, or even just a positive attitude. People want to be able to look up to someone they know is going to yield results. Be a person that others can rely on by showing consistent outcomes with everything you do.

At 5 North Inc., we train the people we work with to become top leaders. To acknowledge and appreciate the hard work each individual puts in, each week we announce a Leader of the Week. Whoever is chosen has exemplified all the behaviors we value. They have also gone above and beyond each of the actions we have described above to make themselves a top leader. The Leader of the Week is an example of what we strive to be each week. So remember…

  1. Be there everyday
  2. Be early
  3. Motivate and inspire
  4. Dress to impress
  5. Be consistent


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