Weekly Tip #6- Making A Fresh Start

At 5 North Inc., we aggressively seek ways to improve today and create new opportunities for tomorrow. We have learned to embrace obstacles and push through them relentlessly if we want to achieve our desired results. We never let challenges set us back, but rather push us forward. We believe that you should never change your goals, but rather change your approach to achieving them. Since it is a new month, it is time to reflect on last month to see what you can do differently to reach those goals you have set out for yourself. Our weekly tip this week is how to make a fresh start for yourself.

Be open to making changes for yourself. If you don’t change, what will? The only way to see new results is to set up a new course of action for yourself. So, try new things! Make a list of things that work for you and things that do not. Keep that list as a reminder of what sets you back and what pushes you forward. Alter the things that are keeping you away from your goals and allow yourself to keep growing.

Keep yourself in the social circle. It’s never bad to ask for help. Talking to different people will allow you to get different perspectives. Find out what works for other people, because maybe it can work for you. Use each point-of-view as a piece of the puzzle that can help you create your own path.

Don’t try to be a perfectionist. It is important that you are realistic. You will only hurt yourself if you push yourself too hard. Additionally, celebrate each accomplishment you make. Whether you thought you could achieve it or not, it is important to realize that all the small achievements bring you a step closer to the bigger picture.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable and happens to the best of us. Yet, the best thing about failure is you learn substantially more than you ever would have if it came easily the first time around. It motivates you and makes you mentally stronger. This allows you to take more chances which allows for more possible outcomes and successes. The more you try and are not afraid of, the more new paths you can discover for yourself.

At 5 North Inc., every morning we have team members share their experiences in the field of what worked for them. Hearing other people’s tactics and advice allows us to acknowledge potential strategies that can work for us. We know that adjusting these approaches to fit our own situations can help us grow and reach our goals. Doing this also allows us to celebrate and applaud every accomplishment that is made by our team. So remember…

  1. Be willing to change
  2. Be approachable
  3. Don’t get hung up on perfection
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail


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