Stay Motivated. Be Successful.

Our 5 North Inc team is very aware that staying motivated is a huge contributor to success. At some point, everyone gets discouraged. At this point it is important to know how to motivate yourself again, or where to get inspired.

There are several ways that people motivate themselves daily – anything from a vision board to a note on your desk can remind you what you’re working for. Here is a list of some simple ways you can keep yourself focused and motivated throughout the year so we can hit those big goals we set!

  1. Make a vision board. Grab some magazines and a piece of paper. Cut out anything that illustrates what you want your like to look like – it can be a fany car or a picture of the beach you would like to vacation to this summer. Word also count too. (You can get even more crafty and draw what you want to focus on.)
  2. Write down your goals and keep them visible. The most important part is keeping them visible so that you’re always reminded and holding yourself accountable. Some good ideas I’ve seen: keep a piece of paper with your goals in your wallet, take a picture and make it your phone background, write them in the very first page of your notebook or planner, frame them on your desk, or make it your desktop background.
  3. Commit to doing something that inspires you at least once a month. If you’re visually inspired, go to a new museum or gallery. If you’re inspired by other people, head out to a poetry slam or make sure to spend time with your friends. Expose yourself to different experiences. Do the things you like so that you don’t drain yourself by only focusing on work.
  4. Find an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone that is going to call you out and question you. Telling someone else your goals and what you want to achieve naturally makes you work harder because, if you don’t do your part, then you’re making yourself look bad. Find someone that will call you out on your bluff (nicely), even if that scares you.
  5. Learn from the greats. If you want to be successful, learn from those that are. Find books, quotes, or articles by or about the people that are where you want to be. Hearing other people’s success stories will allow you to imagine yours. Not only that, but they might have a few lessons that you can pick up from to make your path easier.

Here are some favorite motivational quotes from the 5 North Inc team:


Make sure to find ways to stay motivated throughout your day!


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